Fiddleheads – Spring is in the air


Oh, I love this time of year so much. Why? Because fiddleheads are available for roughly a two-week window. If you’ve never had fiddleheads then you simply must try them. If you like vegetables, you’ll love them. Fiddleheads are the tightly-furled frond of a fern leaf before it, well, before it unfurls. I’d describe them as having a very mild asparagus or green bean taste; very mild, mind you. First, I soaked them to get all the bits of dirt out of them, and then boiled for about 7 minutes. Afterwards, I drained and sautéed in olive oil, butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Mmmm, delicious. I’ve heard that if you don’t steam/boil them first that you can get stomach cramps as they might be too hard to digest. I don’t know if that’s true or not; I just continue to do it the way I was taught. Next time I might try roasting them. Roasting is my favorite way of preparing most veggies. I served them with sausage stuffed Portobello mushrooms and crispy chicken cutlets, my husband’s favorite chicken EVER 🙂 Have a BEAUTIFUL evening 🙂

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